Pablo Escobar’s Diamond-Crusted Rolex Auctioned Off

Escobar’s Rolex and other items seized from Colombia’s drug lords are sold
The Rolex timepiece owned by Pablo Escobar has been auctioned off. The Guardian reports that authorities in Escobar’s native Colombia put the late drug lord’s diamond-encrusted gold Rolex under the gavel.

Although the model number is unknown, Escobar’s Rolex earned an estimate of $70,000. Sold off as part of Colombia’s first-ever warehouse auction of “narco goods”, the timepiece sold for just $8,500. Other goods that went under the gavel during the silent auction included fine art and jewelry seized from Colombia’s infamous drug traffickers.


According to The Guardian, the buyer of Escobar’s Rolex asked to remain anonymous. “You never know who might track you down and ask for their things back,” the buyer said.

Escobar ran the Medellín Cartel, which at the height of its power was smuggling fifteen tons of cocaine a day (a street value of more than half a billion dollars) into the United States. Escobar was killed in December, 1993.

Photo courtesy The Guardian.

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