Over the Rainbow: Six Sensational Rainbow-Colored Gemstone Watches (slideshow)


This year, the watch world recognized the diverse dimensions of its audiences. Not everyone wants a black, white, gray or blue watch – some like their time with an explosion of color—even at the highest end of the spectrum. Perhaps more than ever before, brands in all price realms are complying – offering red, yellow, pink, blue, purple, orange, lime green and other color watch straps and dials. This explosion of color, however, is best represented at the very high end of the luxury watch scale, where the finest brands in the world are turning to diamonds and gemstones to speak volumes about color. Thanks to the painter’s palette of hues ever present in nature’s treasures, luxurious time just became more intriguing. Check out this slideshow of six sensation rainbow-colored gemstone watches.

Luxury Watch Trends 2018 - Baselworld SIHH Watch News

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