Op Ed: Watches & Wonders Changing Dynamic Between Europe And Asia


Next month, Watches & Wonders will open its doors for only the second time, but the young watch fair is already creating a new dynamic in the industry, by turning a destination for Swiss watches into a hub of new releases.

Last year, the fair created specifically for the region by the Exhibiting Committee of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), welcomed more than 16,000 visitors from all over Asia to attend this exceptional event.

The thirteen exhibiting brands this year, mostly from Richemont with the inclusion of a few independents will continue to strengthen their relationship with the Asian market, but it’s also giving them a much more interesting opportunity.

Already, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin have unveiled their Watches and Wonders novelties, and what’s fascinating about these new watches is their intended market.

Instead of introducing a number of exclusives for the Asian market, the exhibiting brands are unveiling novelties on a global scale. After a lengthy summer break, they are the first to create that feeling of excitement we are used to before SIHH and BaselWorld.

European retailers, colleagues from the press, and friends from all over Europe and North America are booking their tickets to Hong Kong, where they will see watches that aren’t on display anywhere else.

Whether or not the fair can grow to the size and prestige of European fairs isn’t so important. It’s already achieved a major feat in turning a region that has, and continues, to import Switzerland, into a departure gate for global novelties.

Make sure to stay with us as we bring you the latest releases from Watches & Wonders. The fair will open its doors on Sept 30, and will run until Oct 2, 2014.

Photo Credit: Watches & Wonders. To find out more, please visit Watches and Wonders.

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