One-On-One With Roger Dubuis’ International Marketing Director Dorothée Henrio in Hong Kong

Roger Dubuis Marketing Director Dorothée Henrio

Dorothée Henrio joined Roger Dubuis in January 2014 as the brand’s Marketing Director. Haute Time caught up with the beautiful and dynamic Henrio during Watches & Wonders in Hong Kong last month, when the brand launched the impressive Star Of Infinity, among other pieces dedicated to the firmament.

Roger Dubuis Astral Skeleton World 2015

Haute Time: Is it challenging to work at Roger Dubuis?

Dorothée Henrio: It’s not actually a challenge, rather a passion. It’s really about re-inventing the rules of creativity. We have lots of inspiration from fashion to architecture. Roger Dubuis is a mix of technicity and respect of the know-how of haute horology on one side, and creativity on the other, for which there is no limit. The proof is Watches & Wonders this year, where the stage – as we hate to say ‘booth’ – re-invented the world to reflect how Roger Dubuis sees it.

Roger Dubuis Watches & Wonders 2015 Booth Astral

HT: So, what is special about the Roger Dubuis ‘stage’?

DH: We are celebrating the Astral Skeleton this year. We wanted to stage the iconic Astral for our movement. We have a 5-star signature on all our movements of Skeleton watches. We launched in 2009, the Double Flying Tourbillon in Skeleton, which is still actually the world-premier. Just for Watches and Wonders, we launched Excalibur Brocéliande fully in skeleton (seen below). There are some skeleton watches in the market already having more buzzy kind of dials, whereas what is so special about Roger Dubuis is that the designs are very contemporary with straight Lines. (The Oculus Rift virtual reality system seen at the booth is a world premier, only previously seen at SIHH). This was the first time doing an experience around watches and we have worked with a company called Oculus who has developed especially for Roger Dubuis a full Astral experience. We offered an incredible Astral 3-D experience to our clients in Asia at Watches & Wonders.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Brocéliande Watch 2015

HT: Since we are in Asia, let’s talk about a unique country and it’s fascination of watches – Singapore.

DH: From my (past) experience living in Singapore, and having a Roger Dubuis boutique in Marina Bay Sands, I can confirm that Singaporeans have a strong personality, just like the brand. And, I am very impressed with their knowledge. I remember that a few years, ago, I had a discussion with even a taxi-driver, about all the mechanisms of haute horlogerie. Thus, Singaporeans and travelers to Singapore expect to find fine-watchmaking in this country. Especially, we see a lot of Chinese and Indonesians, who are looking for limited edition watches, unique pieces and quite flamboyant and eccentric timepieces. And, at Roger Dubuis we have all three – in the right mix between haute horlogerie and design.

Photo Credit: Haute Time and Roger Dubuis. For more information, please visit the official Roger Dubuis website. Follow Haute Time on Instagram to catch all of the new releases as they happen.

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