Omega Technology to be Used in Bobsleighs at Sochi 2014 Olympics

OMEGA Measurement Unit for bobsleigh_4
With just 35 days to go till the 2014 Olympic Winter Games kick off in Sochi, Russia, Omega has unveiled some exciting news. The luxury watchmaker revealed that Omega technology will be used during bobsleigh races, a world first.

An OMEGA Measurement Unit mounted on each bobsleigh will make in-run data instantly available to the competitors, their teams and TV viewers around the world. The unit is comprised of a speed sensor, a 3D acceleration sensor and a 3D gyro-sensor, all of which acquire data in real time.

OMEGA Measurement Unit for bobsleigh_2

The speed sensor records the bobsleigh’s speed throughout the entire run. The 3-axis gyro-sensor continuously determines the angular velocity of the bobsleigh. Angular velocity is the speed of the bobsleigh as it rotates around the track and is measured as the rate of change of the angle of the bobsleigh subtended at that point on the track by the path of the bobsleigh. The 3-axis acceleration sensor allows continuous determination of the forces acting on the driver during the run, with each axis measuring a different acceleration parameter.

OMEGA Measurement Unit for bobsleigh_1

According to the manufacture, the development of this technology began in October 2011 after the introduction of the OMEGA Monobob Series. By late 2011, Omega’s design team was already capturing live camera, and by 2012 they had mastered the wireless transmission part of the project. A prototype underwent extensive onsite testing in the 2012/2013 season.

OMEGA Measurement Unit for bobsleigh_3

No doubt this live feedback will not only help the athletes achieve peak performances, but also add to the excitement of spectators watching the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games around the world!

Photos courtesy Omega.

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