New Year, New Chances; Four Sports Watches That Inspire You To Reach Your Goals

Often people use the beginning of a new year as the moment to start new habits. With many new years resolutions made, a lot of people want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and become more active. To offset the calorie-rich month of December, there are many sports to consider that will help you reach your goals. Especially watch enthusiasts might feel a bit naked to do so without a watch on the wrist. So while you make a positive lifestyle change, you can also use it as an excuse to pick up a watch specifically designed for the sport you practice and start 2020 with a new watch as aswell.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf

Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf
Timepieces with which you can keep track of your score during a game of golf are part of a rare niche. Member of this exclusive club is the Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf, an automatic watch that allows you to not only keep track of how many shots you take per hole, but which also automatically calculates your total score. You operate this complication through an intuitive system of three buttons. As it is important to keep the weight of the watch down, Hublot makes the case and the bezel out of carbon fiber with a Texalium upper layer. This results in a light watch that is also very strong, making it the perfect companion to go for that hole in one.

TAG Heuer Golf

TAG Heuer Connected Golf
Where Hublot opts for a complicated mechanical movement, goes TAG Heuer high tech and offers some fantastic features for golfers on their connected watch. With over 39.000 golf courses worldwide available, owners can analyze the green ahead of them through 3D mapping. Hazards wither they are trees, water, or bunkers, can be seen as well, including how far they are from you. This allows for the perfect planning of each shot and selecting the right club to do so. The TAG Heuer Connected Golf will also enable you to keep score. They will become part of your statistics, which combines the data of all the games you play. The only trouble is that this all leaves very little room for excuses when your game isn’t improving.


Richard Mille RM 70-01
With a unique watch, does Richard Mille cater to the preferences of avid cyclists. Its manual wind movement not only features a tourbillon but also comes with a never seen before mechanical odometer. Thanks to this inventive device, cyclists can quickly see how many miles/kilometers they have cycled since the beginning of the season. Cycling is also another sport with which you don’t want a heavy watch around your wrist. A case made from Carbon TPT® ensures that this Richard Mille is not only light but also very strong. Thanks to the curved shape of the watch does it allow for maximum freedom of movement of the wrist and hand when on the bike.

Rolex Sea-Dweller two-tone

Rolex Sea-Dweller
Diving is not only a very demanding sport but also one in which time plays a vital role.  To do it safely, it is critical to keep track of the elapsed time since the beginning of the dive, and one of the watches that can help you do so (if only as a backup for your diving computer) is the Rolex Sea-Dweller. This watch is a benchmark when it comes to diving watches, and was initially developed for professional use. Last year it was for the very first time introduced in a combination of steel and gold. While this may not be the preferred model of professional divers, it might be perfect for recreational divers. The two-tone color combination makes the watch very stylish to wear above water, while underwater, it performs just as well as its sibling crafted from steel alone.










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