MB&F Unveils Legacy Machine N°1 Xia Hang

Luxury watchmaker MB&F has unveiled the newest edition of its iconic LM1. The Legacy Machine N°1 Xia Hang was produced in collaboration with Chinese sculptor Xia Hang, and features Mr. Up & Down, a miniature aluminium man designed by the artist.

Every piece from MB&F is a piece of art, but this timepiece takes it one step further, as Xia Hang’s creation actually interacts with the watch’s inner workings. When the movement is fully wound, the man at 6 o’clock sits up straight (Mr. Up), but as the 45-hour power reserve diminishes, he gradually slumps over (becoming Mr. Down).


Housed in a 44mm case, the LM1 Xia Hang features two subdials, each indicating the hours and minutes for separate time zones.


A crown at 8 o’clock sets the time on the left dial, while a crown at 4 o’clock is for setting the time on the right dial, as well as winding. A bespoke 14mm balance wheel with four traditional regulating screws is also featured at the center of the dial.


Only 24 pieces of the limited edition LM1 Xia Hang will be produced, with 12 pieces in red gold and 12 pieces in white gold. Each watch will be accompanied by a pair of stainless steel sculptures – large scale versions of Mr. Up and Mr. Down – signed by Xia Hang.

Photos courtesy MB&F.

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