The MB&F Legacy Machine N°1 Arrives in Platinum Limited Edition

LM1-PL-FRONT_LresThe latest timepiece from the Geneva’s premier horological mad scientists, the MB&F Legacy Machine N°1 Platinum (LM1) draws its inspiration from an unlikely source: Traditional, time-honored watch design. Originally, boasting a bespoke central balance wheel, independent dual time zones, a vertical power reserve indicator, and a sumptuous annular case, the LM1 now pays tribute to history’s most revered watchmakers with a thoroughly modern platinum finish.

LM1-PL-PROFILE_LresThe LM1 Platinum began, like most of MB&F’s most complicated “horological machines”, with a simple premise from founder Maximilian Büsser, who asked himself, “What would have happened if I had been born in 1867 instead of 1967?” Working under that assumption—the hypothetical premise that he had never seen a fighter jet or Star Wars—Büsser then set out to create a timepiece using new set of late 19th century design cues. What emerged was the perfect hybrid of Jules Verne’s influential steam punk aesthetic and classic pocket watch elegance.

LM1-PL-FACE_LresIn accordance with the technology available in high-quality 19th century watches, the LM1 Platinum features a large but slow rotating 2.5Hz diameter balance wheel suspended between dynamic arches. Serving as the centerpiece of the unfettered dial, the regulating mechanism is perched beside are two domed sub-dials, whose hours and minutes can be set completely independently of each other. The dial is then finished with the a special touch: The very first vertical power reserve indicator, which tracks available power and provides the perfect design counterpoint to the balance arches above.

LM1-PL-BACK_LresThis attention to detail carries over to back of the movement as well, where over-sized rubies—used to mimic the large jewels used in antique pocket watches to reduce wear—are set in countersunk gold chatons. The end product, while certainly beautiful, also serves an implicit purpose, providing the ideal visual counterpoint to the dial’s sensually curved bridges.

The LM1 Platinum’s three dimensional in-house movement, developed by Jean-François Mojon and verified for historical accuracy by master watchmaker Kari Voutilainen, now comes housed in an elegant 44mm platinum case. Originally available in 18K red and white gold, this ultra limited 33-piece platinum edition, is crafted in stunning 950 platinum and features an unforgettable, electric blue dial.

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