Master Watchmaker Dominique Renaud joins HYT

HYT CEO Vincent Perriard welcomes Master Watchmaker Dominic Renaud to HYT.

HYT CEO Vincent Perriard announced this morning that Master Watchmaker Dominic Renaud is set to join HYT.

According to HYT, the legendary concept watch specialist, Dominique Renaud, is returning to the watch industry in order to strengthen the Hydro-Mechanical Horologist’s pioneering work in the field of highly complex movements in fine watchmaking.

Dominic Renaud co-founded Renaud & Papi SA with Giulio Papi back in 1986, but left the company in 2000, after selling all his remaining shares to Audemars Piguet. At Renaud & Papi, he oversaw the development of highly complex minute repeaters for the IWC Grande Complication, and the first Grande Sonnerie for Audemars Piguet.

The significant partnership with Dominique Renaud will allow both parties to further explore their passion for fine watchmaking and technology of fluids bringing evolution and new developments to the industry. To this effect, Dominique Renaud’s mandate will be to lead HYT’s Fine Watchmaking department and Special Projects in Neuchatel.

Earlier this summer, Mr. Perriard told Haute Time about his decision to progressively introduce watchmaking teams and workshops into HYT’s new Neuchatel premises, a gain in both independence and mastery for HYT.

Today, he confirmed his commitment, stating: “We have some innovational ideas under development, advancements that will bring much more power to the motorisation of HYT’s movements. This in turn will allow us to introduce even more complications that unite mechanics and liquid in one wristwatch’.

During the announcement, HYT said it would  “invest heavily” in its niche, by strengthening its 5-year R&D program. The brand has stated its intention to grow, and has “many patents under application” and is working closely with Preciflex, the exclusive developer of HYT’s liquid movements, to achieve its goals.

HYT and Preciflex now count a staff force of more than 33 people, and that number is set to increaser in Q4 2014 according to HYT, as the brand and Master Watchmaker Dominique Renaud begin to build a new team of watchmakers.

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