Live Pictures Of The MB&F Melchior For Only Watch 2015

The watch industry’s biggest names have donated one-of-a-kind timepieces to the Only Watch charity auction in order to raise money for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy research. The participating brands were given free rein to submit any design they desire, although red seems to be the color of choice in 2015. In its last edition, Only Watch raised just over five million euros, but will be hoping for a new record now the auction has been moved to Geneva under the supervision of the Phillips Auction watch department. Haute Time caught an early preview of the line-up for Only Watch 2015, which takes place on the 7th of November 2015.

Only Watch 2015 MB&F Melchior Clock
Only Watch 2015 MB&F Melchior

We met Melchior for the first this during Baselworld 2015, but the (not so) little guy is back for Only Watch 2015, and is suited for the occasion, with red shoulder blades. A 480-component mechanical table clock standing 30.3 cm tall and weighing 6.3 kg, Melchior brings out the inner child and, despite his heart of steel, provokes a smile in anyone he encounters.

Only Watch 2015 MB&F Melchior Clock-4

But Melchior is more than a companion. He is family to the brand’s founder, Maximilian Büsser. His name is one that has been passed down from one Büsser to the next for more than 500 years until Max’s grandfather put an end to the tradition by calling his son Mario. Finally, Max revives this family tradition by giving birth to the latest Melchior and the name suits this little guy down to the ground.

Only Watch 2015 MB&F Melchior Clock-8

His body is composed of several moving parts including jumping hours and sweeping minutes, while a third dial in the abdomen provides information on his remaining energy. Even his face lights up. Two flyback discs for eyes blink at a 20-second interval behind a steel mask, while his brain ticks under a sapphire dome on the head protecting his beating balance wheel.

Only Watch 2015 MB&F Melchior Clock-8

He may be made out of brass and steal, but this stone cold robot packs a lot of personality. This unique piece is the 100th and final clock in the Melchior series.

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