Linde Werdelin Unveil Oktopus II Moon With First In-House Complication

Luxury watchmakers Linde Werdelin are celebrating a milestone with the release of their new Oktopus II Moon, the first timepiece to utilize a complication entirely conceived, developed and produced in-house by the Swiss manufacture. And it is an impressive complication, displaying the existing phase of the moon on its dial, just as one sees it in the sky. As the moon moves clockwise through its monthly cycle, more of its surface is illuminated.

This new model of the Oktopus Moonphase (originally introduced in 2010) will be a limited edition, with only 59 pieces to be produced in two distinct versions. The first version is the Oktopus II Moon Gold, in rose gold and titanium; twelve of these models will be produced, one for each of the moons of the 2013 calendar year. The second version is the Oktopus II Moon Black; fourty-seven of these models will be produced, with a full DLC titanium case.

The dial of the Oktopus II Moon consists of three skeletonised layers. The bottom layer is a moon disk, a metallic cut out representing the night sky – appearing in brown on the Oktopus II Moon Gold and in blue on the Oktopus II Moon Black – carrying a luminous moon. The next layer is a lower dial bearing a circular Côtes de Genève. Finally, the third and upper layer features the Linde Werdelin logo, indexes, numerals and three luminous hands. On the lower dial, the full moon is indicated with a white mark, while the numerals 11, 10 and 9, displayed between 1 and 2 o’clock, allow a more precise tracking of the lunar cycle. The 44mm x 46mm x 15mm five-part case was constructed to protect the inner titanium cylinder housing the movement, and is sealed with a titanium DLC screw bearing the iconic octopus drawing by Morten Linde. On both models the case’s surface is blasted with microbillé, then finished by hand with satin and polish. A high-end natural rubber strap, interchangeable within Linde Werdelin’s proprietary strap system, finishes the look.

The Oktopus II Moon Gold retails for approximately US$29,000 (CHF 27,000 ex VAT), while the Oktopus II Moon Black retails for approximately US$13,500 (CHF 12,500 ex VAT).

Source and photos courtesy Linde Werdelin.

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