Linde Werdelin Presents SpidoSpeed Gold

Linde Werdelin introduces Spidospeed Gold, the newest member of the 3-dimensional, multi-layered SpidoSpeed line.

The chronograph is crafted of an 18 karat rose gold case, and the case is comprised of 32 parts. “It is an extremely challenging procedure to drill the case out of a block of gold while maintaining its strength and integrity, but we were determined to undertake this ambitious and exciting task, and we are very satisfied with the results”, Jorn Werdelin said.

A skeletonized structure makes the piece lightweight but maintains the bold design of the solid case. “The idea of skeletonising the case is inspired by the racing car industry, where the case body is drilled out to maintain the bare essentials for weight reduction, yet offering a robust and stylish structure,” Morten Linde explained.

The stunning series is limited to 100 pieces.

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