Last Chance for Tickets to Celebrate the 175th Anniversary of Patek Phillipe with Christie’s in Geneva

Can you imagine a better setting to the celebration of Patek Phillipe’s 175th anniversary than Geneva? Aside from it having served as the home base of the luxury timepiece masters since Patek’s inception, it’s also a city with a storied history in the finest in watch manufacturing. And Patek Phillipe certainly has much to celebrate, being the last family-owned luxury watch company with generations of the ultimate in artful craftsmanship behind it.

And even better, Patek Phillipe wants people to come celebrate with them, and this is your last chance to buy tickets for a once-in-a-lifetime journey to celebrate the anniversary in Geneva. Tickets are available from Christie’s Travel but are going fast. Don’t miss out. The event is being put on by Christie’s. Those scratching their heads wondering why an art auctioneer would be commemorating Patek Phillipe must remember that the skill, attention, and creativity that go into every Patek piece are nothing if not art, and it is that artistic skill that is being celebrated.

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For the event, Christie’s Senior Vice President and International Head of Retail and Watches Reginald Brack will be in attendance to share his expertise and knowledge concerning the tradition of fine Swiss watchmaking that leaks from Geneva’s pores. Brack specializes in fine watches and advises first time clients and seasoned luxury watch collectors around the world making important choices in luxury timepieces. There are few people in the world that you’d want to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Patek Phillipe with.

Below is your five day guide to what can be expected from the Patek Phillipe 175th anniversary tour.

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Saturday November 8, 2014

The trip starts from the Four Seasons Hotel dus Bergues. Over tea the group will be introduced to Brack who will then take you all along to the Patek Phillipe museum for some serious history in luxury watches. How to end the night? Drinks at the hotel, of course.

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Sunday November 9, 2014

Sunday guests will get to handle some serious Patek Phillipe watches. The watches were curated from Patek Phillipe’s diverse and beautiful selection. After that comes a guided walking tour of the city. Following lunch, there will be a viewing of Jean-Pierre Slavic’s amazing car collection. Then comes the main event back at the hotel; a themed auction giving away the most historic and vintage luxurious Patek Phillipe watches.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 3.46.35 PMMonday November 10, 2014

As if that wasn’t enough guests will then head to Audemars Piguet Manufactory and Museum. Almost 150 years old, the museum is another proud representation of the city’s tradition of fine watches. For those hungry for more watch luxuriating, there is an option to visit the Manufacturor of F.P. Journe, the only watch company lead by a master watch craftsman, Francois-Paul Journe.

Dinner will be at Il Lago in the Four Seasons. Delicious, without question.

Tuesday November 11, 2014

First Christie’s will show off some of their incredible jewelry selection before heading the way to the older luxury watch manufacturer in the world, Vacheron Constantin.

Christie’s and Patek Phillipe stop at nothing to celebrate the historic watchmaking tradition of Geneva and Patek Phillipe, itself.

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