Khaki Hero: Concord C1 Radar Watch

The quaintness of Switzerland seems an odd venue for the design and dissemination of future craft such as this C1 Radar watch from Concord. With the majority of timepieces coming out of Swiss shops being linked in various forms to the past, it requires a sincerely rebellious spirit to break the mold of tradition.

Concord is a famous name among the Swiss watch industry, but totally revamped their image a few years ago. The new motto was “time deconstructed,” announcing that the well-known maker of slightly avant garde (though conservative) fine watches was about to go full bore in a totally different direction. Employing a deep sense of youthful confidence, the Concord C1 and its progeny were born. The design was controversial to say the least, but the spirit behind the watches was unwavering. Whether you liked it or not, Concord was part of the “new art” of watch making and design.

Nothing about the C1 seemed ordinary, save for that small matter of “telling the time.” Personally, the design element I liked most about the original C1 was the disk style subsidiary seconds hand, which thankfully shows up in the C1’s newest iteration – the C1 Radar.

Some might say the C1 Radar is meant for fantasy. The military style design of the piece is far too high-end for a real soldier to strap on during danger play. Imagine however, how appropriate it would look featured in sci-fi cinema on the wrist of a brave protagonist meant to be born no earlier than 100 years from now.

At 44mm wide in a PVD black coated steel case, the watch employs a series of eight large square rubber cubes. These cubes are meant to protect the sapphire crystal that is so thick, it juts out of dial. The cubes also provide a unique design motif for the timepiece; a look that has defined the modern Concord brand – polarizing watch lovers between the fans and mere curious onlookers. The fact remains that it requires the right type of person to pull off wearing a Concord C1.

The C1 Radar watch dial has a neat trick. Rather than having a minute hand that soars over hour markers, the minute hand passes under them. Built like balconies, the hour markers are raised up over the sloping dial and coated with SuperLumiNova luminant. The dial itself features an array of textures, all built on the dark colored face. Regardless, this is one of the least busy Concord C1 watch dials out there. Inside the watch is a COSC Chronometer certified La Joux-Perret Caliber 3532 automatic movement with a big date indicator. The movement has a black toned rotor and is visible through the sapphire caseback on the rear of the watch. An extremely large crown alludes to durability and is a less than subtle reminder of the instrumental nature of this wrist worn device.

Concord cleverly plays with color on the C1 Radar giving it an almost rustic set of hues. Against the frame of the black case and dial, the pale green of the luminant plays well with the tan brown fabric of the woven “technofabric” strap that is literally screwed to the case. For the weekend warrior, or the everyday adventurer, the Concord C1 is a designer way to say that you prefer to “rough it” at least once in a while. Priced at 9,600 Swiss Francs. Visit


  1. 44mm wide black steel case
  2. Multi-texture black dial with elevated hour indicators
  3. Large rubber cube crystal protectors
  4. Technofiber strap

Ariel Adams is the Haute Living Watch Editor and also publishes the luxury watch review site

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