JEANRICHARD Announce Partnership With Hero Captain “Sully” Sullenberger

Boutique watch brand JEANRICHARD have launched a partnership with one of the most famous faces in aviation, Captain Chesley Burnett Sullenberger. “Sully”, as he is affectionately known, rose to prominence in 2009 when he safely landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River after its engines were disabled, saving all 155 passengers aboard. The Swiss company held an event in honor of the captain this week at the Standard Hotel in New York City, where JEANRICHARD COO Bruno Grande welcomed guests with celebratory cocktails at Le Bain, followed by an exclusive dinner at the hotel’s High Line Room.

JEANRICHARD described the partnership as a natural synergy between Captain Sullenberger and the brand’s dedication to those who do extraordinary things. Grande told us, “Sully is not only an individual with profoundly admirable qualities under pressure, as we saw in 2009 with his emergency landing on the Hudson. He is also one who has taken and channeled it towards the improvement and encouragement of aviation safety and knowledge of this art. We are very proud to have him as a part of the JEANRICHARD family and look forward to continued success together”.

Meanwhile the heroic captain added, “JEANRICHARD’s Philosophy of Life truly speaks to me. The beauty of the watches, the passions of its artisans and managers, and even more importantly their idea of working together on projects that are close to my heart and spirit made me happy to join the JEANRICHARD flight”. Sullenberger will become a regular contributor to the JEANRICHARD website, with his own feature called “Sully’s Blog”.

During the celebration, guests including Olympic silver medalist Tim Morehouse and Evander Holyfield Jr. had the chance to admire JEANRICHARD’s new 1681 and Terrascope collections.

To read “Sully’s Blog”, please visit the JEANRICHARD website. Photos courtesy JeanRichard.

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