HYT Wins Best Innovative Watch at Grand Prix D’Horlogerie de Genève

HYT, the hydro mechanical horologists from Switzerland who are using techniques bordering on nanotechnology in the world of luxury watchmaking, have picked up yet another prestigious award for their innovative, forward thinking timepiece craftsmanship which is in a completely different level from that of traditional chronograph manufacture.

The watches crafted by HYT work on the principle of hydromechanics, meaning that they work with mechanical devices and engineered fluids.  One of the challenges presented to the developers of the world’s first hydromechanical watch was to find a liquid that could obey the specifications of haute watchmaking.  This liquid needed a color, homogenous resistance to shocks, vibrations, and temperature shifts and also needed to be water resistant.  To date, seven patents have been registered for the technology and one has been registered for the design.

The next step was devising a system that would provide pressure for the hydraulic force, and the developers and researchers came up with a bellows system constructed of a very fine alloy, which permits the bellows to be highly supple yet resistant.  The shape of the bellows was constructed in such a way that they absorb shocks, guarantee “rock-solid” waterproofing, and allow for a reduction in energy when they compress.

On the HYT website, the science behind the watches is explained in layman’s terms and also includes illustrations to show how the innovative hydromechanical technology works.

Along with winning the Grand Prix de Horlogerie de Genève trophy for Best Innovative Watch 2012 on November 15, HYT also picked up the Best Concept Watch Award 2012 in October at the Watch World Award 2012 Ceremony held in New Delhi, and took top honors in Mexico City by receiving the Best Concept Watch Award at the Salon Internacional Alta Relojeria on October 4 of this year.


Story and photo source:   HYT Watches

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