Hublot’s Official Watch of Formula 1

Austin, Texas will be playing host to U.S. Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas on November 16-18, and the Formula 1 event will be attracting the same audience of elite power-players in the business and entertainment world as Wimbledon.

The world’s most popular and prestigious car racing competition features an element of danger that no other sport has; cutting edge technology, precision and high performance are required and necessary.   Because of this, Hublot, the Swiss luxury horlogerie maker, is a natural partner.

Hublot has created an Official Watch of Formula 1, the F1 King Power Austin, a watch that is available only in a limited edition and is inspired by the technology involved in the crafting of F1 vehicles.  The bezel of the timepiece is made of tough wearing yet lightweight carbon and titanium, and is further finished with a satin and perforated effect to mimic the appearance and reflect the performance of an advanced-tech brake disk.

There is a 30 minute timer at the 3 o’clock position, and the watch also includes start and reset push-buttons.  Featuring an HUB4100 Self-winding Chronograph movement and a color scheme reflecting those of F1 racing, this powerful-looking watch is tied together with a black rubber and hornback crocodile strap with the F1 logo featured on the back side.  The F1 logo is also prominently featured on the dial in the twelve o’clock position.

In order to purchase the watch, an appointment must be made at approved Hublot boutiques and retailers, and a list can be obtained on the watchmaker’s website at


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