Hublot Unveil the $1 Million Black Caviar Bang

An artistic and technological achievement that’s being billed as a “world first”, Hublot’s dream of creating a state-of-the-art technology watch that also based on traditional watchmaking and avant-garde jewelry design as come true:  the One Million $ Black Caviar Bang timepiece is a creative piece of horlogerie of such ingenuity that its dark, discreet  beauty can be described as crazy.

The unusual lines of the timepiece are what set it apart from other watches; the case is round but consists of sharp angles.  The white gold which holds everything together is completely invisible and the 544 baguette diamonds seem to hold together by some magical bond.  The only thing that one sees on the watch is the deep, black glitter of the diamonds.

The chronograph contains a Tourbillon, and it also symbolized a sort of symbiosis between watchmaking and haute jewelry, tradition and modern technology, invisibility and dazzle.

Over 2000 hours of painstaking work went into the construction and crafting of this marvellous watch; from design to finishing touches, research and development to selection of tools and diamonds, no step or miniscule detail was overlooked.  The baguette diamonds featured on the watch were also specially treated to turn black; they are featured on the timepiece’s dial, case, crown, and clasp.

Source and photo courtesy Hublot Nation.

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