Hublot Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera watch was recently presented by Hublot at Baselworld 2012. Offered in a small square-like Titanium case, to keep all the focus the mechanism, the Antikythera watch has combined a link between Hublot and their futuristic designs and manufacturing techniques, representing an era that predates current technology.

The Antikythera’s secrecy lies within the traditional historians and archeologists belief that the earth was flat and was positioned in the center of the universe. The original Antikythera mechanism exhibits that our ancestors in fact had a great understanding of the universe, and knew the Earth was round and orbited the sun, and the moon orbited the earth in an elliptical orbit.

While the pieces will not be available to the public, 4 examples will be manufactured, 3 to be shown in various museums around the world, and one to be sold at a fundraising auction to be publicized soon.

PHOTOS: Hublot SA 2012

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