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You too can be like a Russian Oligarch. Breguet timepieces seem to be a top choice luxury watch brand among politicians and business people of the region, and around the world as well. Less common in the United States, Breguet is a brand you should nevertheless be intimately familiar with as its founder Abraham Louis Breguet is commonly known as the “father of modern watch making.” While he never made a wrist watch, his technological achievements in pocket watches are not only highly coveted as museum pieces, but also brought watch making into the modern era as a practical tool to tell the time. This was back in the late 18th century.

Today’s Breguet timepieces signify the purist art of watch making. Their style is anti-modern with loads of guilloche machine engravings on the dial and ultra-classic elements from blued steel pomme hands, and either Roman numerals or “Breguet style” Arabic numerals. Each Breguet watch is a masterpiece in its own right, borrowing from the brand’s rich history and tradition, which is why the Breguet Tradition 7027 watch makes so much sense. As a practical tool, it tells the time but not much else-the draw here is in the exposed movement highlighting why connoisseurs delight in mechanical watches so much. Much of the view on the 7027 in the face and exposed rear is actually a view to the movement. Beautifully displayed, the movement employs age-old techniques that are the very basis for all mechanical creations.

The Ref. 7027 watch houses Breguet’s Calibre 507DR manually wound movement that has been signed and individually numbered. The movement surfaces here have been thoroughly anthracite coated for the darker gray tones that contrast nicely against the polished gear surfaces. Functions include the time and a power reserve indicator (50 hours). The watch dial itself is in pure Breguet fashion, only smaller and placed at the top center of the watch. To its left is the power reserve indicator (that also has a readout on the rear of the watch). The rest of the dial shows the anatomy of a watch. A static image doesn’t do the view justice, as you must imagine the gears always running as the watch operates. As a testament to Breguet aesthetics, the movement was designed to appear as symmetrical as is possible.

Available in 18k white or rose gold, the case is 37mm wide with coined edging on the side of the case and impeccable detailing. A true traditionalist’s watch, wearing it implies a certain loyalty to the old, accepted ways of doing things. A value most people don’t outwardly project, but harbor in their tastes. Priced at $24,850.

Ariel Adams is the Haute Living Watch Editor and also publishes the luxury watch review site aBlogtoRead.com.

Captions for image points:
1. Silvered, machine engraved watch dial
2. Power reserve indicator
3. Balance wheel under traditional “pare-chute” arm
4. Mainspring barrel that powers watch
5. Anthracite coated gray movement surface
6. 37mm wide 18 white or rose gold case
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