Haute Time Visits the Famous Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva

While I was in Geneva, I had to visit the Patek Philippe Museum. This is an experience of a lifetime for any watch collector. I personally have never seen such an array collection of watches along with Patek Philippe History. You walk around four stories of Patek Philippe history, looking at an extraordinary display of watches, musical automata and portrait miniatures from the 16th to the 19th century, in addition to a library dedicated entirely to horology and its related subjects.

I was amazing to be able to see his personal desk, all set up like the early 1900’s. Or Stock Certificates, and Patek Philippe corporate signature. Walking throughout the museum, you were able to see poket watches before Patek Philippe pieces, from other brands, along with original Patek Philippe watches from 1900 to 1970’s. For any watch collector or lover, let along Patek Philippe fan, this is a must visit experience.

After walking around the Museum, I had to take a look at the Patek Philippe Geneva Salon. Located on the famed 41, rue du Rhône, in Geneva, this was one of the most beautiful watch salons we have experienced. The first floor is many beautiful watches, that are not for sale, but on display, along with the top floor is a private salon, featuring the most complicated Patek Philippe watch pieces, along with watch makers in a service center to fix watches in the salon.

Being a huge fan of Patek Philippe, it was a great experience to be able to understand the brand better, and get a great look into there history.

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