Haute Time Presents Jorn Werdelin, CEO Of Linde Werdelin At Basel World

At Basel World, Haute Time had the chance to sit down with the CEO Of Linde Werdelin timepieces, Jorn Werdelin.

Linde Werdelin is a very unique brand started in 2002 under the idea of creating mechanical timepieces and digital instruments. As an avid skier and diver, Werdelin wanted to focus on developing a more sophisticated sports watch.

Linde Werdelin has created these special instruments which clip over the watches to make it safe for diving and sports. While  Linde Werdelin is certainly not the only company to have a true Divers watch in their collection, it stands out the amongst the rest due to the brand’s rich history in creating instruments for these extreme activities.

The watches are made extra light so that when the instruments are clipped on, there is no extra heavy weight. One timepieces in particular one we looked at was a skeleton timepiece with black diamonds. It has not yet been launched but will be priced at $25,000 Swiss Francs when it does in a few weeks.

At Basel World 2012,  Linde Werdelin launched its new Diver timepiece, “The Octopus II.” Equipped with the scuba diving computer instrument known as “The Reef”, the functionality is actually removed from the timepiece itself so that all the information you need is on the computer. The price point of the “Octopus II” is $180,800 Swiss Francs with “The Reef”.

There is also a special instrument that can be placed on watches for skiing that includes a small computer that readers altitude, temperature and more.

Check out the video above to see all the innovative sport watches from Linde Werdelin at Basel World and get an inside look at my meeting with the brand’s CEO Jorn Werdelin.

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