Haute Time Meets with HYT’s Vincent Perriard and Xavier Casals

HYT’s CEO Vincent Perriard and Haute Time Managing Editor Seth Semilof.

HYT #003

On Thursday, I had lunch with Vincent Perriard from HYT and was joined with his Artistic Creator Xavier Casals. We met up at the Kempinski Hotel, as Vincent was excited to show the actual watch, since the last time we saw him was at Basel World, and he only had prototypes.

Now he has the real pieces, as we were looking at #003. His partner has another watch, which was more silver, and we loved both of them. The technology is working, the watch looks beautiful, and now they are shipping them worldwide. Vincent was more concerned with getting the first pieces 100 percent efficient, so he can grow the brand running full steam ahead.

With Basel World coming up in April, Vincent showed me a couple of cool things he is working on. First, he is working on the evolution of the HYT H1 brand. What does that mean? It means he has new colors, from the standard green color. Plus, he is working on a state of the art Watch, that reminds me of the Audemars Piguet Concept Tourbillon, that he is calling HY2. He is very excited about his creations, and reviewing live, they worked well, and the watches should be a huge success.

HYT Artistic Creator Xavier Casals and CEO Vincent Perriard
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