Haute Time Meets with Bovet’s Pascal Raffy and Views the Brand’s New One of a Kind Pieces


Haute Time Managing Editor Seth Semilof & Bovet’s Pascal Raffy

Word was that Bovet was doing private appointments at Beau-Rivage Hotel in Geneva. They put together a great presentation in a beautiful suite that was developed very tastefully. I am a huge fan of the brand, and love the quality of the pieces. It is more fun to hold, touch, and look at the piece in person, as they are truly quality pieces, and they make you feel like you are looking at collectors’ items, not brand new watches. Plus, I respect their strategy, as the watches are all finest time instruments, but one of a kind pieces. The watches have style and there own character, and I think the more luxury consumers learn about the brand, the quicker it will grow. These watches are statement pieces—in that the watch collector demands quality, along with its own character. If you wear a Bovet watch, you will get noticed, and people will ask to see the watch closer.

When I got in the booth, I got to meet Pascal Raffy, an entrepreneur with a passion for haute horlogerie. He was very hospitable, and you can tell the passion he has into the brand, along with being a true lover of luxury. I am a huge fan of him and Bovet and I look forward to more people getting to know the brand more. For our readers with true wealth, this is a watch that I recommend putting in your collection, as this will be a true statement piece for any collector.

A piece from the Fleurier line
A tourbillon piece from the Fleurier line
A 7-day power reserve from the Fleurier line

The watches I really like come from the Fleurier line. They range from around 44mm to 46mm, as they all have the Amadeo case concept that enables collectors to transform there timepieces into a wristwatch, a table watch, as well as pocket watch. The watches we saw all were Tourbillons, and were all one-of-a-kind pieces. The first watches we got to play with were the Amadeo Fleurier 45. The watches are 45mm, with a very sophisticated tourbillon, with a 7-day power reserve. The best part of the watch is taking it from a pocket watch to put on your wrist. I love them as both.

A remarkable watch from Bovet
The watch quickly transforms into a pocketwatch
A detailed view of the piece as a pocketwatch


This watch is beautiful and very unique—but what makes it so truly remarkable is how quickly the watch transformed from a wrist watch to a pocket watch, within 30 seconds. Simply amazing.

A lovely ladies watch
Back of a Bovet ladies watch
Side view of this lovely ladies watch from Bovet

This is a hot ladies piece. Love the white strap and diamonds throughout the watch.

A gorgeous pocketwatch

This is a gorgeous pocket watch, for any man that demands the best of the best in luxury.

A very unique face
The back of this very unique Bovet piece
This piece has a 7 day power reserve

This is a very interesting piece, as the face is different, and the back is really cool with a 7-day Power Reserve.

A lot of diamonds on this piece, on a black strap

I love this piece a lot—lot of diamonds, and beautiful black strap.

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