Harry Winston Premieres Watch with 607 Moving Parts

Renowned American jeweller Harry Winston partnered with the French haute horlogerie maker Emmanuel Bouchet who crafts luxury watches in Switzerland to create and unveil an entirely mechanical watch which has been described as having “timeless beauty”.

The Opus 12 was inspired by the Copernican thought, which philosophizes that the Earth is the centre is the centre of the galaxy.  Rather than originating in the centre of the watch’s face, the hands actually come from the outer edge of the timepiece’s circumference in a radical departure from traditional watch design.

The outstanding piece operates with a retrograde hand, which is then perfectly in synchronization with the minute hand and moves ahead along a sector of five minutes.   Every hour on the hour, the minute hand will spring back to its original position while a longer five-minute hand will pivot and set itself in a still position.

The entirely mechanical watch consists of 607 pieces, and features two white gold-encased barrels.  80 precious stones are also given prominence, justifying the price tag of $260,000.  Only 120 of the limited edition watches will be available to the public, further increasing the timepiece’s exclusivity and value.

Source and photos courtesy Harry Winston press release.

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