Four Complicated Ladies Watches That Show Beauty Beyond The Dial

A refined mechanical movement, preferably fitted with an exciting complication; for a long time, this was nearly non-existant within a ladies watch. A quartz-powered smaller version of a men’s watch, usually with some diamonds added, was how many of them looked. But fortunately, times change, and these days there are more and more interesting ladies watches with beautiful movements, some even purposely made for them. The following four watches most certainly set the pace in this category.

MB&F Flying T

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT
The Legacy Machine FlyingT is the very first ladies watch made by MB&F, and it was most certainly worth the wait. Underneath a large dome of sapphire crystal do we see a stacked movement topped off by a flying tourbillon. The dial itself is tilted to the side of the movement, making this watch unlike any other, yet still very easy to read. MB&F also took diamond settings to the next level, either as an accent or totally taking over the space under the dome. Either way, this watch is a true testimony of how a complicated ladies watch should look; precious, exclusive, refined, and unlike anything else.

Bulgari LVCEA tourbillon

Bulgari LVCEA Tourbillon
Bulgari also delights ladies with a flying tourbillon, yet adds a generous dose of Italian flair to it. Manufacture caliber 263 is captured in a modern sized, 38mm large, case crafted from rose gold, with the bezel and bracelet attachment set with brilliant-cut diamonds. Its design has this typical Italian hallmark of being a timeless classic by birth. Bulgari further enhances this by crafting the dial out of jade and using brilliant-cut diamonds, captured in rose gold prongs, for the hour markers. Of course, they do show off the flying tourbillon through a cut-out of the dial, because you want to admire such a captivating device from more sides than only the back.

Jacob & Co Fleur

Jacob & Co Astronomia Fleurs de Jardin
With the Fleurs de Jardin did Jacob & Co finally made a version of the Astronomia dedicated exclusively to women. The entire watch is now themed to resemble a garden filled with exotic flowers. At Jacob & Co these are of course crafted from the finest quality of the most precious gemstones. The manual wind movement is fitted with a flying tourbillon, but also with a small dial to display the time, which thanks to the patented differential gear system always stays with the right side up as it makes its full rotation. The Fleurs de Jardin is therefor a preciously playful ladies watch that combines a unique movement with Jacob & Co’s love for the most precious colorful gemstones the world has to offer.

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Planétarium

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Planétarium
By joining forces with Dutch watch manufacture, Van der Klaauw has Van Cleef & Arpels created a stunning planetarium for around the wrist. Its dial consists out of several rings made from aventurine on which different heavenly bodies travel. Mercury, Venus, and the Earth and Moon are all present and go around the sun represented by the gold center of the dial. What makes this watch so complicated is that they travel in nearly the same time around the sun as their real-life counterparts. A shooting star indicates the time itself, and Van Cleef & Arpels didn’t even forget to make something special out of the oscillating weight of this ladies watch. Not only did they set it with diamonds, but they also fitted it with a center made from turquoise.


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