The World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phone: The Ulysse Nardin Chairman

In collaboration with Scientific Cellular Innovations, Ltd. (SCI) the Ulysse Nardin Chairman is the world’s first and finest luxury hybrid smart phone.

The basic model costs about $14,000 but the premiere, deluxe Chairman — featuring more than 3,000 hand-cut 17-karat diamonds adorning the faceplates is $130,000. It was recently named the “Most Expensive Mobile Phone Series” by Guinness World Records and the Chairman is already being heralded for fulfilling the needs and desires of luxury connoisseurs worldwide. The essence of exclusivity, only 1846 units of each style of Chairman are available in honor of Ulysse Nardin’s founding year. Combined with superior design, craftsmanship and functionality, these attributes make the Chairman one of the most celebrated and in demand luxury creations in the world.


To complement the hand-held masterpiece, SCI created the world’s finest docking station. A work of art in its own right, and resembling the famed “Ulysse Nardin Ship Chronometers,” the gorgeous lacquered wooden docking station is made up of over 260 hand assembled parts and is as functional as it is stylish. A unique, one-of-a-kind creation, the multifunctional docking station charges the battery, backs-up all data to an exterior USB and includes a pair of premium speakers which can be driven by most Bluetooth devices. Further highlighting SCI’s dedication to meeting the requests of their discerning clientele, the docking station is now available for separate purchase, allowing for seamless use of the Chairman in multiple homes, offices and private yachts.

A fusion between the historical, mechanical art of watch-making with modern technology, the Chairman is hand-assembled and made of over 300 handmade parts fashioned from the finest materials.

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