F.P. Journe Unveils New Iconic Timepiece “Chronomètre Optimum”

François-Paul Journe, the haute horlogerie craftsman whose personal philosophy is to build precision watches that will stand the test of time, has unveiled his new Chronomètre Optimum, a watch that combines the  expertise of master watchmakers from history with modern technology in perfect harmony.

The technical details

The timepiece contains a two-springed double-barrel which gives the forceful movement stability, and is crafted of 18 ct rose-colored gold.   The watch’s remontoire (patente EP 1528443. A1) is constant-force, meaning that it will balance out the force which is applied to the escapement, giving everything constancy.  An extra gear was added to form a sort of independent system wound in short spurts by the mainspring, signifying that the escapement will act as an assurance to the balance’s isochronism.   The remontoire, made of hard-wearing, lightweight titanium, can keep its balance in several positions, which makes for a more efficient watch.

Other technological features of the watch include the  patented EBHP High-Performance Bi-axial Escapement (patent EP11405210.3). The escapement, two-wheeled and direct impulse, does not need oil to function and presently is the only escapement of this type on the market that can start up by itself.  Furthermore, this extraordinary escapement has an incredibly long-lasting output capability of 50 hours without any loss of amplitude whatsoever.

On the back of the rose-gold movement, there is a natural dead beat second which is encompassed by a seconds circle that is attached by screws to the bridges of the movement.

The watch also boasts of a 70 hour power reserve.


The Chronomètre Optimum comes in two versions:  one has a platinum case, the other comes in a red gold case, and there is a choice of a 40 mm watch or a 42 mm watch.  Dials can be white or red gold, and a purchase can choose between a leather strap or a platinum or red gold bracelet.


Story and photo source courtesy F.P. Journe

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