Exploring Creative Ways To Display Power Reserve

Among other complications, the power reserve indicator always seems to be a bit dull. You do not have the continuous motion of a tourbillon, the playfulness of a chronograph, or the imposing look of a big date. However, many watch connoisseurs have a secret, or not so secret, crush on this complication. Where there was a time when a 48-hour power reserve was the most of it, now even the most common watches sport five days or more, and some might only take winding once a month. That gives the power reserve indicator a whole new level of excitement, especially since many brands now also display it in a far more creative way!

MB&F Legacy Machine 1 Alain Silberstein

MB&F Legacy Machine 1 Alain Silberstein
It is hard to determine what is the true eye catcher of the Legacy Machine 1 Alain Silberstein. Is it the suspended balance wheel? The typical Alain Silberstein shapes and colors? No, for the sake of this article we have to say it is the unique, three-dimensional power reserve indicator, which is, like so many MB&F features, unlike any we have ever seen on a watch.

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Aperta

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Aperta
The partnership between Hublot and Ferrari has resulted in many very impressive watches, and one of them is the MP-05 LaFerrari Aperta. A case of polished smoked sapphire crystal houses a manufacture movement with 11 series-coupled mainspring barrels and a suspended vertical tourbillon. When it comes to the power reserve indicator you might need to blink, as the power reserve of the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Aperta is an unprecedented 50 days which it displays on a role!

Panerai Luminor 1950 Rattrapante 8 Days Chronograph 47mm Titanium And Rubber Watch.png

Panerai Luminor 1950 Rattrapante 8 Days Chronograph
Ever since Panerai put full focus on its manufacture movements, we have seen not only beautiful calibers but also a vast increase of the power reserve. While 3 days is now standard, 8 to 10 days is no exception either. Next to this does Panerai also display the available power reserve on a linear scale such on this Luminor 1950 Rattrapante 8 Days Chronograph, which only adds, even more appeal to the complication, and the watch!

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