Döttling Gyrowinder Safe Allows World-First 360 Degree Display

German handcrafters Döttling have unveiled the one-of-a-kind Gyrowinder, a high-precision instrument which is equal parts safe, display and watch winder. The instrument’s complete rollover allows for 360-degree rotation, affording views one can normally only get when wearing the watch on the wrist.

While conventional watch winders turn on a fixed axis to the left or right, the Gyrowinder is a world-first which adapts to perfectly display watches of all different weights, using a set of counterweights (such as were used on antique scales) to individually balance each timepiece. Each watch’s optimal position is determined by custom adjustments within the Gyrowinder and its three adjustable legs.

The instrument’s creator, Markus Döttling, was inspired to create the Gyrowinder after a visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. One of the machines used to test astronauts’ mission readiness utilizes a gyroscope to mimic the intense pressure felt upon takeoff; that gyroscopic function is now found in the Gyrowinder.

The Gyrowinder retails for €11,800 (approximately $15,100 US).

Source and photos courtesy Döttling.

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