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Five Fabulous Dior Watches for Women that Celebrate the New Year in Style

Exceptional timepieces in the Dior VII Grand Bal collection include watches like this, with feathers gracing the rotor.

By Roberta Naas
Watch brands garner their inspiration from everywhere, but for women’s watches, one of them most important influences comes from the of haute couture and fashion. Top designers of the world unveil sumptuous and intriguing fashions decade after decade, with stunning looks walking the runway every season. Thus, it makes sense that top luxury designer watch brands follow suit. Dior is one brand that regularly offers incredible timepieces and today we bring you a look at five fabulous Dior watches that are perfect for ringing in the New Year. READ MORE

Interview: Gold Medal Winner, World Record Setter and Richard Mille Brand Ambassador, Wayde Van Niekerk

World Record runner, Olympic Gold Medalist and Richard Mille brand ambassador, Wayde van Niekerk (photo: R. Naas)

By Roberta Naas
It isn’t everyday you get to spend exclusive one-on-one time with a man who has set a world record and won an Olympic Gold medal, but we had that chance recently when we spoke with Richard Mille brand ambassador, Wayde van Niekerk, who was happy to talk about time and sports. READ MORE

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