Close Up: Roland Iten Calibre R22 MK I Bugatti Buckle

Roland Iten has taken luxury to a new level. The Swiss designer, who creates belt buckles on par with Swiss watches, has unveiled the new R22 Mark I Mechanically Performing Belt Buckle Bugatti Edition Codename: Ettore.

Issued in a limited series of just 22 pieces, this is no ordinary belt buckle. Developed in association with the Bugatti Automobile Company, the Calibre R22 MK I Bugatti features a unique mechanically performing belt mechanism with hand-crafted bridges, cogs, wheels, springs and pinions. The mechanism, comprised of 100 handcrafted and polished components in solid white and rose gold, lightweight titanium and stainless steel, allows the wearer to obtain their absolute precise fit, from 0-22mm.


According to Iten, the patent-pending expansion mechanism uses flow-guiding wheels that are incorporated into the teeth of the gear system to provide a “click-free click” and minimal friction. There are five gears in total that allow the fine-tuning calibration of the belt from 0-22mm. A rolling click calibration lock complication, a vertical rotating friction controlled pin and a mechanically leveraged belt insertion clip all demonstrate the incredible mechanical savoir-faire that is hiding under the smoked sapphire crystals and Côtes de Genève decoration.


The Calibre R22 MK I Bugatti retails for CHF 75,000 (approximately US$85,000).

Photos courtesy Roland Iten.

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