Close Up: Richard Mille RM 022 “Aerodyne” Tourbillon Marcus Unique Piece

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Richard Mille’s RM 022 is designed around space and speed. The base plate, which features a unique honeycombed geometrical pattern, is made of orthorhombic titanium aluminides. True to the manufacture’s cutting-edge reputation, the use of this material and pattern was originally the subject of research by NASA for application on supersonic aircraft wings, where resistance to extremely high temperatures and torsion is of paramount importance.


The RM 022 features dual time zones for those who like to travel, and at its heart is a manual-wind tourbillon. Not to mention it features a wheel-based time-setting system, situated at the back of the movement, which allows for smooth time-setting functions. This is a modular mechanism, meaning the dismantling during maintenance doesn’t involve removal of the dial and hands. Richard Mille also introduced a function selector, doing away with a pull-out crown, in favor of this gearbox-style push button to select between winding, neutral and winding.

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I could keep going on about this watch, which is packed with features and horological firsts, but the main selling point of the piece pictured here is no doubt its uniqueness: this particular model, which features a white gold case fully set with exquisite diamond baguettes, was made exclusively for the Marcus boutique. A true one-of-a-kind in a world of seemingly endless limited editions, this piece is for those who want to truly stand out and be different. This watch is not for the reserved: it is bold brash, crazy – and at the same time elegant and beautiful. Who doesn’t like the idea of owning something no one else has?


For more information, click the Locate Watch button below or visit the Marcus Watches website. Photo credit: Alex Rose.

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