Cartier Features Andy Lau in New Tank MC Film

Luxury watchmaker Cartier has teamed up with Andy Lau to celebrate the launch of the Tank MC. The actor and singer, who is one of Hong Kong’s biggest superstars, is featured in a short film for the Swiss manufacture.

The film, which was directed by Baillie Walsh, features Lau on his way to a performance. During his journey, the actor sees various things that take him into flashbacks.

“No one knows how much time they possess. So the meaning of time is never about its length. If you don’t strive for a better life tomorrow, relentlessly, whole-heartedly, then time is no longer momentous,” Lau commented behind-the-scenes while filming the short. “If the Cartier Tank had not come to life, we might still be thinking that a watch has to be circular.”

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