Carmelo Anthony’s Haute Time Watch of the Day: Franck Muller Tourbillon Thunderbolt

The Tourbillon Thunderbolt by Franck Muller has been selected by Carmelo Anthony, as today’s Haute Time Watch of the Day. This is a remarkable timepiece by Franck Muller, and has been called the fastest tourbillon ever created!

Since most tourbillons complete a rotation every sixty seconds and the Tourbillon Thunderbolt completes a rotation every 5 seconds, that certainly tells us what the name signifies.  The Thunderbolt Tourbillon was developed by the same master watchmaker who invented the Franck Muller Giga Tourbillon, Pierre-Michele Golay.  Along with the team of watchmakers at Franck Muller, they spent 3 years to research, develop and perfect this timepiece.

With a limited distribution due to the complexity of the movement and detailed hand finishing, the Tourbillon Thunderbolt by Franck Muller takes haute watchmaking to the next level.

Source and photograph courtesy of Franck Muller.

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