Carmelo Anthony’s Haute Time Watch of the Day: Cartier ID Two Concept Watch

Today’s Haute Time Watch of the Day is Carmelo Anthony’s pick and it is the Cartier ID Two Concept Watch. This amazing timepiece has been engineered by the Cartier research teams to create something that may replace the mainstream practice in watchmaking for future Cartier designs and the watch industry alike.

The Cartier ID Two Concept is designed to maximize the amount of energy it stores, consumes and transmits. Cartier’s research teams incorporate various materials such as fiberglass, resin, diamond-like carbon crystal and silicon to name a few to create this revolutionary and very unique design.

The materials used in the Cartier ID Two reduce the amount of friction found in most timepieces and promotes a more efficient movement. The airtight case is made from a new material called Ceramyst, which is a transparent ceramic. The case is not only airtight, but it is also one solid piece which was molded from powder and liquid to create a solid case housing and airtight, pressurized compartment for the movement.

The Cartier ID Two Concept Watch is truly  innovational and certainly takes watchmaking to the next level!

Source and photograph courtesy of Cartier.

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