BUBEN&ZÖRWEG Expand Business to Include Optical Illusions

Just as its moniker is a fusion of two names, BUBEN&ZÖRWEG fuses style with security in their new Grand Collector Inbuilt safe.

Designed to be installed in walk-in closets, showrooms and safe rooms, the Grand Collector Inbuilt does its best to hide its presence behind what BUBEN&ZÖRWEG dubs “Spy Glass”, which is essentially a mirror that turns into a window at the flick of a switch. The transformation is made possible by the innovative use of LED lights that can be configured a number of ways, including a setting that spotlights BUBEN&ZÖRWEG’s signature finishing piece: the central stainless steel clock.

Now you see it, now you don't.
Now you see it, now you don’t.

Inside the main compartment 26 time movers proudly display your most beautiful watches, while below that three secure drawers feature an additional 44 time movers. Each compartment is accessed by its own security code so that no compromise has to be made between security and showmanship.

At the very bottom of the piece one will find a more traditional-looking safe, with yet another access code for even more security, outfitted with more time movers and compact jewellery drawers.

Besides the BUBEN&ZÖRWEG signature clock with a stainless steel bezel, other amenities include an LED light system with selective fading function. The locking mechanism is a code-input electronic affair, yielding access to a posh interior of hand-crafted, fine Italian nappa leather.

BUBEN&ZÖRWEG also debuted a modular safe system earlier last month.

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Source and photos courtesy UnfinishedMan.

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