Bovet House and Vicente del Bosque Fete Spanish Victory

In 2010’s World Cup in South Africa, Spain endured a 116-minute match before being crowned victor. And as the team celebrated with elation, their coach exclaimed victory, hands in the air and Bovet on wrist. On that day, it was his Saguaro Chronograph.

Now as Spain fetes their glorious victory over Italy, Bovet was present to thank its dear friend and ambassador, coach Vicente del Bosque.

And at the juncture of celebratory emotions and shared values, the Bovet House and del Bosque have decided to auction the timepiece that told the time of Spain’s great win, with proceeds from the sale going to the Fundación Síndrome de Down, a charity dedicated to helping children with Down Syndrome live with an improved quality of life.

What was he wearing for this win, you ask? The Bovet Cambiano Chronograph, of course.

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