Bombardier’s Global 7000: An Unparalleled Experience In Business Aviation


The Global 7000 is Bombardier’s response to Gulfstream’s G650. While the G650 has a range of 7,500 nautical miles with eight passengers at Mach 0.85, the Global 7,000 singularly approaches the speed of sound at Mach 0.925, traveling 7,700 nautical miles with 10 passengers and four crew members. Priced at $73 million, top-notch connectivity, functionality, comfort, layout, and aesthetics are impressively transformed into an extension of one’s personality, something the world’s wealthiest individuals absolutely cannot live without.

“We are thrilled to offer this extended range to our loyal customers, who are the driving force behind our engineering feats and who will soon own an aircraft that simply has no peer,” David Coleal, President of Bombardier Business Aircraft, said.

992ac184eb98500130c5ed03ed9e3241Bombardier Global 7000 Galley

“The needs of the cabin directed the build of the airframe itself,” Tim Fagin, Bombardier’s Manager of Industrial Design, said. At fifty-four feet seven inches in length and six feet three inches in height, the 100,000-pound aircraft is designed for maximum efficiency and flow: from the oven to the counter, and from the counter out into the cabin.

Cooktops, coffee machines, as well as convection and steam ovens—complete with black lacquer cabinets and white countertops— are strategically outfitted to service up to 19. Adjoining space also allows crew members to lie completely flat on those arduous fourteen to fifteen-hour journeys.

bombardier-global-7000-3Bombardier Global 7000 6-place In-flight dining

In true Bombardier fashion, the cabin comfortably boats everything from two isle seating for power lunches or family dinners accommodating up to six; a drop-in leaf connects two isles for banquet seating, and extra-large windows—eighty percent larger than the GLOBAL 6000—maximize the availability of natural light in all areas of the cabin.

To appreciate the importance of such feats in aviation, however, one must understand the interaction of all its parts. Here, Bombardier’s Nuage seating architecture becomes key because it facilitates the kind of movement that is as bold as the desires, personal tastes, and lifestyles of their clientele. Nuage seating is the industry’s first new seating architecture in 30 years. Remarkably designed for the ultimate in-flight experience, Nuage introduces an ergonomically dynamic, patented fluid tilt system that allows one’s dining seat to become a lounge seat, or fully converted into a bed.

original2Bombardier’s Nuage seat architecture: Global 7000

For business travelers, the Global 7000 is more than a luxury business jet; it is the embodiment of the passion and respect for elite travel standards necessary for the next generation of business leaders. That passion and respect are reflected in the extraordinary emotion that Bombardier ownership conveys. The Global 7000 is the penultimate expression of exclusivity, designed for responding to the personal tastes of discerning buyers. An accomplishment that Bombardier is sure to outdo… yet again.

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