Baselworld 2016: Introducing the GyroGraff World from Graff Luxury Watches

When Graff Luxury Watches presented the manual-winding GyroGraff timepiece with a double-axis tourbillon and innovative moon-phase indictor at its very first Baselworld in 2014, it was met with much surprise and great successTwo years later, the family-owned company goes one step further with the unveiling of the GyroGraff World.

Graff GyroGraff World

Renowned for its selection and transformation of rough stones into fabulous gems and exquisite pieces of jewelry, Graff Diamonds opened its watchmaking division only in 2008, starting with 5 collections that rapidly gained recognition for their innovating complications, patented diamond settings and unique designs in the luxury watchmaking segment. Graff Luxury Watches now boasts 7 exclusive calibres.

Combining the highly complex movement of the GyroGraff with a masterful execution of Métiers d’Art techniques, the GyroGraff World takes us on a visual journey to the far confines of our planet and the moon with an exquisite dial crafted by master hands.

Two GyroGraff World timepieces surrounding a MasterGraff Perpetual Calendar
Two GyroGraff World timepieces surrounding a MasterGraff Perpetual Calendar

Surrounded by a 48 mm white or rose gold case with diamond-set or non-diamond bezel, the dial, showing hours and minutes, features a double-axis tourbillon at 5 o’clock, a 72 hour power reserve indicator at 11 o’clock and a three dimensional moon phase indicator at 8 o’clock that is visible on both the front and back of the dial. Reflecting the progression of the moon through its lunar cycle, completing one lunar rotation every 29.5 days, the fascinating hand-engraved indicator replicates the exact craters on the moon, vying for attention with the tourbillon that completes one full rotation every minute.

The evolution on the dial consists of a magnificent display of one of the Earth’s continents as seen from space. Crafted from white gold, the dial is first laser-carved to accurately form the shape and topography of each land mass in relation to the oceans that surround it. Completed by hundreds of hours of hand-chiseling to add the intricate details of each continent, a complex preparation of coloured enamel is then hand-painted onto the surface of the dial with a fine brush, with layer upon layer added to create depth and intensity of colour. Between each layer, the dial undergoes the process of ‘grand feu’, exposed to heat between 800 and 900°C, revealing the vibrant hues of land and sea, before being hand-varnished.

Completed with an alligator leather strap, the GyroGraff World has been created with five dials; customization is possible in white or red gold, with or without diamond-set bezel, and with the continent of your preference.

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