Basel World: DeLaneau, Combining Artwork With Watchmaking

My next meeting at Basel World was with DeLaneau, a very interesting watch company that has stores in Moscow, London (inside Harrods) and New York City on Madison Avenue.

These watches are considered a work of art. Each watch is hand painted by artists in their studio in Geneva and they take a lot of pride in the artists that create each custom watch. They watches that were showcased were a stunning example of miniature and enameling painting on watches.

DeLaneau’s booth at Basel World was very unique. DeLaneau had their own artists making watch the faces right there so I was able to watch the process first hand. The process was something I had never seen before in my life and as a watch lover, this was definitely a new experience that merited the attention of my time and our readers.

I was also very impressed to see how important their artists were. With only four or five on staff, they are all exceptional talented artists with each watch being hand done. It definitely takes a long process to create.

DeLaneau watch is not a new brand. It was founded in 1880 in the city of Bienne. DeLaneau’s wrist watches are masterpieces of jewelery art, created in the best watchmaking art traditions. The pieces are an experience that is important to see. I am so glad I was able to sit down with the creative director and get a first hand knowledge of how each piece is produced and learn more about the company.

Once a year, they allow each artist to design their own watches,not for sale, but just to use their own imagination.

It seemed like this was a very old school type company which really valued their brand and product, which is important for anyone buying art, let alone a watch.

In today’s day, when it is all about movements and features, it is great to see a company take pride in the artistic vision of the watch, something very special about DeLaneau.

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