Barry Skolnick Opens Ikonick Motors With Unveiling Of Apollo “IE” Intensa Emozione

Car collector, entrepreneur and philanthropist Barry Skolnick celebrated the grand opening of his Ikonick Motors and his birthday this past weekend in Miami. Skolnick and Apollo Automobil, the European hyper-car manufacturer, unveiled for Apollo’s latest project, the “IE” Intensa Emozione, at Ikonick Motors.

Apollo IE 1Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

The car was built with the collaboration of legendary motorsport and development specialist HWA AG for the final dynamic development phase of the Intensa Emozione.

The stupendous vehicle pays homage to the GT1 glory days. The design is impressive in every detail and baffles the mind to think that such a design could come true. The new all-carbon fiber chassis, which comes with mono-cell rollover protection, was hand-built by Apollo and HWA AG, using high-quality prepreg-autoclave by Capricorn Group.

Apollo IE 4Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

“In the relentless pursuit of perfection we took it a step further and created a strategic technical partnership with HWA AG,” said Apollo Chairman, Norman Choi, in April when announcing the partnership between Apollo and HWA AG. He and Apollo General Manager and CMO Ryan Berris triumphantly joined Skolnick and posed for photos from the cheering crowd of attendees.

Apollo IE 5Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

The new chassis has special features, which include its modular design, increased safety and torsional rigidity, symmetrical design (available in left and right-right-hand configurations) and weight reduction versus the prototype platform. Safety a top priority, the fire suppressant system, initiated manually by driver/occupant, protects both the cockpit and engine bay. It is well-concealed so as not to affect the aesthetics of the car. The Apollo IE has an all-new interior with a sport or race-seating system.

Apollo IE 2Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

Miami’s VIPs filled up Ikonick Motors and were amazed as Skolnick revealed the anticipated car to the world for the first time. And the evening would not have been complete without an enthusiastic birthday celebration for Skolnick. He was presented with a birthday cake bearing the Ikonick Motors logo to give an added sweet touch a truly ikonick Miami night.

Ikonick Motors Apollo IEPhoto Credit: Romain Maurice

Apollo IE 6Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

Apollo IE 7Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

Apollo IE 8Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

Apollo IE 9Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

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