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Celine is a freelance luxury watch writer who has enjoyed working in the horology industry for over ten years. Like many of the high-end timepieces she writes about, she comes from Switzerland—the heart of fine watchmaking. From Singapore to Montreal to Geneva to Dubai, Celine has lived all over the world but now calls Southern California home. You can find her at

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Punchy Petites: Smaller Versions of Well-Known Luxury Watches

Punchy Petites: Smaller Versions of Well-Known Luxury Watches

For those of us with slender wrists, there has been a welcomed trend in the luxury watch space towards smaller timepieces. When wristwatches first became a thing at the turn of the 20th Century, they were small. However, as we approached the new millennium, watches gradually became larger and larger. Thankfully, some brands have caught on that not everyone can successfully pull-off oversized timepieces and have introduced smaller versions of well-known luxury watches. Here are some of our favorites right now. READ MORE

Before Only Watch 2019 Announces Lineup, Here Are Last Edition’s Top Sellers

Before Only Watch 2019 Announces Lineup, Here Are Last Edition’s Top Sellers

The biennial Only Watch charity auction is gearing up for the 2019 edition, slated to take place in November. For those who are not familiar with this event, Only Watch auctions off one-of-a-kind models created by some of the best watch brands in the business with proceeds going to fund research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. READ MORE

Cherry-Picking: Diamond and Ruby Rolex Daytona With Garnet Dial

Ruby Garnet Rolex Daytona 116589

Long before all the hype surrounding Rolex Daytona “Rainbow” watches, the Crown already had a history of producing special gem-set Daytona chronographs using a mix of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Case in point is this exceptional diamond and ruby Rolex Daytona with a rich garnet dial—a piece hardly ever seen out in the wild due to its scarcity. READ MORE

Green or Blue? A Pair of Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5168G “Jumbo”

Blue Anniversary Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5168G-001

With just a little over two decades worth of history, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut has finally come into its own and is no longer just regarded as the more affordable alternative to the Nautilus. This is thanks in no small part to Patek Philippe’s recent Aquanaut releases, starting with the blue Aquanaut 5168G in 2017 followed by this year’s green Aquanaut 5168G. READ MORE

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