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Celine is a freelance luxury watch writer who has enjoyed working in the horology industry for over ten years. Like many of the high-end timepieces she writes about, she comes from Switzerland—the heart of fine watchmaking. From Singapore to Montreal to Geneva to Dubai, Celine has lived all over the world but now calls Southern California home. You can find her at

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As Clear As Black & White: Luxury Watches With Panda Dials

Luxury Watches With Panda Dials: Omega Speedmaster CK 2998

A relic from the mid 20th Century, the Panda dial has proved its staying power six decades later. Defined as a chronograph dial with a white background and black sub-dials (and nicknamed after the cute creature with that recognizable face), the Panda dial is as fresh looking today as it was when it first appeared. Case in point is this batch of contemporary luxury watches with Panda dials. READ MORE

Barreling Forward With Tonneau-Shaped Watches

Tonneau-Shaped Watches: Cartier Prive Tonneau

The standard shape for pocket watches was round; therefore, when the progression to wristwatches started taking hold, it was only natural for wristwatches to follow the familiar silhouette. However, Louis Cartier was not a man to follow norms and made a name for himself and his family’s business by championing non-round watch designs, also known as “shaped watches.” Hot on the heels of the square watch made for Alberto Santos Dumont in 1904, Cartier debuted the Tonneau watch in 1906. Named after the French word for “barrel,” tonneau-shaped watches have long since been adopted by other brands. READ MORE

Digital Displays: Jump Hour Watches

Digital Displays: Jump Hour Watches

Rather than a traditional hour center hand that sweeps around the dial pointing to 12 indexes, jump hour watches use a digital display (not to be confused with modern digital watches) to indicate the current hour. This particular mechanical watch complication dates back to 1883 when Josef Pallweber patented his invention using rotating discs for hours and minutes and displayed the time numerically via a pair of windows. Over a century later, Pallweber’s innovation is still alive and well as illustrated by these three brilliant examples of jump hour watches. READ MORE

Golden Rules: Proprietary Gold Alloys From Top Watchmakers

Proprietary Gold Alloys from Top Watchmakers: Rolex Everose

Why settle for off the shelf gold when you can make your own? In the battle of the best materials to use to manufacture watches, some watch brands tinker with secret formulas to produce gold that they can call their own. Depending on the specific blend, the results vary from distinct tones to improved durability. Here are four examples of proprietary gold alloys from top watchmakers. READ MORE

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