Argyle Pink Diamonds Exhibit Lands in Tokyo

Luxury jeweler Argyle Pink Diamonds has brought a stunning new auction lot to Japan. The Australian jewelry company, which is owned by mining giant Rio Tinto, has 64 diamonds on view from its Tender collection, 58 of which are pink, 3 of which are fancy red diamonds and 3 of which are blue diamonds.

The diamonds featured in the 2013 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender were all cut and polished in Western Australia. Highlights among the lot include the 1.56 carat Argyle Phoenix™ (named for Rio Tinto’s new Argyle diamonds mine) round gem, the 3.02 carat Argyle Imperial™ radiant, fancy intense orange-pink diamond and two matching heart-cut diamonds, one a 0.71 carat blue grey diamond and the other pink.


Josephine Johnson, the manager of Argyle Pink Diamonds, told Diamond World, “We are delighted to be back in Tokyo to showcase the finest red, pink and blue diamonds from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. The Japanese market is very important to us and over the past 20 years has shown, and continues to show, an unerring demand for Argyle pink diamonds.” Japan remains the largest consumer market for pink diamonds, with the lighter “cherry blossom” shades of pink in strong demand from Japanese jewellery designers. It is also a market that covets heart shaped diamonds, and the matching pink and blue heart shaped diamonds in the 2013 Tender collection are likely to be strongly contested.

According to Johnson, “The level of sophistication and jewellery design expertise in Japan is ideally placed to capture the extraordinary colour palette on offer in this year’s Tender collection.”

Pictured above, from left to right, are the Argyle Aurelia, Argyle Phoenix, Argyle Seraphina and Argyle Celestial dimaonds. Photos courtesy Argyle Pink Diamonds.

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