5 Questions With CEO Of Graham Watches Eric Loth

1. Tell us some of the most exciting developments at Graham today?

Graham is full of activity in the product development department. Among the several projects we are running with our engineers and designers, I see three that look the most promising for the time being.

The first is a deep evolution, if not a revolution, of our emblematic model Chronofighter Oversize, with a series of watches that will be presented in Basel next March. We have worked extensively on materials that are specifically developed for each of our case components, but also in a complete reengineering of the watch that make it now for me the best that Swiss Watch makers can produce to realize a valuable and effective chronograph.

The second is a brand new line, so classic and British in style, and so swiss in technique. We named it 1695, from the founding date of George Graham as a watchmaker, and it will be a kind of of revolutionary classic within the Swiss watchmaking industry I guess.

The third is not yet ready to be shown, but will be the “Grande Complication” I personally always dreamed for. Perhaps to be seen by the end of 2012, perhaps at Basel 2013. One must show some patience to reach the highest levels of achievements.

2. What watch do you wear daily?

I have several (Graham). The one I am wearing the most is the Graham Oversize GMT Blue Steel, for the features that it gives me (Big Date, Second Time Zone, time and chrono), but also for its timeless beauty.

My second preferred in the new Silverstone Stowe Racing, I am wearing this most when I am driving sports cars.

3. If money was not a concern, which Graham would you recommend to a customer?

Our Oversize GMT in steel and gold.

4. For movement, what watch do you produce that you are most proud of?

I love chronos and complications, so the movement I am the most proud of is the Tourbillon Chronograph we are using in our Tourbillograph high-end series.

5. Blackberry/iPhone/Android?
I am an iPhone man. A small and universal machine that could not even been imagined by science fiction authors decades ago.

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