5 High Jewellery Bracelets: Hands On!


If you’re a connoisseur of haute watchmaking, chances are you also appreciate the exceptional talent that goes into the creation of haute jewellery, from the selection of stones, to the designs and the craftsmanship that bring us absolute works of art.  At the level we are about to show you here, even if certain of these pieces may be “reproducible” to meet market demand, they are all unique creations in the sense that no two will ever be exactly the same.  Concentrating on a handful of bracelets and cuffs from among the outstanding necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets presented, here are some of the marvels we saw at the Paris High Jewellery collections this summer:

Vendôme chromatique bracelet (1)

Boucheron was the first High Jeweller to move to Place Vendôme, in 1893, and that same address is also the name of this latest collection: “26 Vendôme”.  Frédéric and Gabrielle Boucheron chose the building for its light, and while collection themes may vary, light is always a major source of inspiration for this haute brand, reflected in the materials and stones selected.   Only one or two high jewellery houses know how to use rock crystal like Boucheron, and the “Vendôme Chromatique Bracelet” (above) set with a 94.15 cts beryl gemstone and rock crystal, paved with diamonds, on yellow gold and white gold, is a stunning example of how it works.


Inspired by wheat, one of Mademoiselle Chanel’s symbols of prosperity and good fortune, Chanel even went so far as to cover the Place Vendôme with a wheat field for one week during the presentations in July.  The themed Fine Jewellery collection “Les Blés de Chanel” (Wheat by Chanel) includes this exquisite “Moisson d’Or” (Harvest of Gold) bracelet in 18K white and yellow gold set with a 5.1-carat marquise cut yellow sapphire, 14 marquise-cut diamonds for a total weight of 1.7 cts, 115 brilliant-cut diamonds for a total weight of 2.4 cts, and 4 brilliant-cut yellow sapphires and 283 yellow sapphire beads for a total weight of 211.5 cts.


Van Cleef & Arpels loves emeralds, and the “Emeraude en Majesté” collection this summer is a tribute to exceptional emeralds even further enhanced by the cutting and stone-setting techniques for which the House is famous.  Over 1,400 carats of emeralds, selected for their colour (Van Cleef & Arpels favours a deep hue), purity and consistency, make up this high jewellery collection that includes this bold and colourful “Twist Emeraude” bracelet in white gold, with two cabochon-cut emeralds from Colombia on the extremities of the coiled lines that form a braid set with round diamonds and round violet sapphires. The two emeralds weigh 19.80 and 21.48 carats.   Majesty, indeed.


Entitled the “Sunny Side of Life”, the Piaget collection brings us a 150 piece celebration of colours and good humour to prolong the joys of summer into a life-long moment of sunshine.  Radiant and refreshing — with coloured stones in hues of pink, blue, yellow or green — precious gems and metals reflect the shimmer of a swimming pool or the more subtle tones of the oncoming evening.  This jaw-dropping 18K white gold manchette (cuff bracelet) is set with 13 random shaped lapis lazuli plates (approx. 65 cts), and 991 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 6.96 cts) to keep you cool at all times.


Our last creation comes from Geneva-based contemporary jewellery designer Suzanne Syz.  Born in Zurich and educated in Paris, Suzanne Syz spent the 1980s in New York City where she became part of the Andy Warhol circle, stimulating both her contemporary art collection and her jewellery creations known for their radiant colours, audacious compositions and unusual materials, crafted with a level of quality and excellence second to none. From among her one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces presented in Paris, what better way to finish than with this charming “Prince Charming Bracelet” in white gold, set with 4 frogs in chrysoprase, 48.88 carats of tsavorites, 46.08 carats of garnet stones, .33 carats of diamonds, and .56 carats of cabochon rubies.

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