$30,000 Rolex For Sale at…Sears?

When we imagine shopping for a luxury timepiece, the mind typically goes to locations like Fifth Avenue or Post Street. However, this week Sears made news when it listed several Rolex timepieces for sale on their website.

Sears is a mid-range department store originally founded in 1893. While it enjoyed strong sales in previous decades, the store has faltered in recent years. Since their typical market focuses on items like a Bosch fridge or a Craftsmen lawnmower, the Rolex timepieces caught the attention of The Wall Street Journal. Haute Time decided to visit the site for ourselves, and found some highlights:


    • $30,999
      An 18K rose gold Rolex P329712 Ladies Day-Date chronograph


    • $10,193
      A two-tone gold and stainless steel Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master


  • $15,956
    A 1976 gold Oyster Perpetual Day-Date with a diamond-paved case and inlaid diamond markers on the dial

Sadly none of the timepieces seem to come with their boxes or papers, so I think we’ll stick with Sotheby’s…

Photos courtesy Sears.

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