2015 Maserati Quattroporte GTS: Performance Meets Practicality


For years, “car guys” (referring to both men and women who love their machines) had tradeoffs . . . a two- seater for the thrills, a sedan for the practicality, and a van for the whole family. Recent years have produced a spate of cars which don’t require so many concessions. And Maserati has jumped into that fray with the Quattroporte GTS.

Unless you’re 101 (in which case, you may be reading Model T Monthly instead of this article), Maserati has been making performance cars since before you were born. And their “street cars” for years have been an interesting blend of performance and luxury. Let’s just all agree on this now – don’t the Italians know how to make leather more buttery- soft than anyone?


Of course, the GTS has its share of smooth and sleek and soft and quiet, but beneath the hood beats a 523-horsepower heart of prodigious ability, a powerplant which shows its breeding (after all, it is a Ferrari cousin) and which can propel this 4,500-pound machine to 60 MPH in about 4.5 seconds and keep on going to 190 MPH. It’s a car that’s equally comfortable at an opera gala and at a track day. A vehicle that is happy to chauffeur the family to an outing or to rocket the car-guy in the family through some serious canyon carving (note to the wise – if car-guy in the family is under 18, hide the keys).


An elegant performer which you won’t see often on your daily commute, the Maserati Quattroporte GTS combines looks, performance, sound and comfort into a great-looking and a wonderfully-performing package.

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