10 Top Pocket Watches for Today’s Savvy Man

Yes, we did say Pocket Watches. In fact, this year more than ever before, we have witnessed a stunning resurgence of pocket watches for men that makes this category of watches one of the most exciting and elegant on the market.

Hermes Arceau Pocket La Promenade
Hermes Arceau Pocket La Promenade

Now, before you start thinking about your grandfather, think about you. Your busy lifestyle warrants a fast change of pace – something many of today’s versatile pocket watches that can convert from pocket to wristwatch in almost an instant – bring to the table. (Oh, did I mention that some of those convertible pocket watches can also triple as a tiny table clock?) Additionally, you want to stand out in a crowd, especially when trying to make an impression, so what better way to do that than with a highly unusual, alluring timepiece that fast becomes a conversation piece?

Today’s pocket watches run the gamut from the ultra high-end of the luxury watchmaking arena (upwards of $50,000) to the more affordable pieces that are perfect for weekend or work wear and carry price tags in the $5,000 or so realm. Additionally, while some are inspired by designs from yesteryear, others offer surprising elements of high-tech materials and coveted complications. Certain brands are offering skeletonized pocket watches with perpetual calendars, world timers, moon phases and even tourbillon escapements. Others are offering hand engraved or enamel pieces that are works of art as well as technical prowess.

In short, a wealth of options exists on the market – some of which just may surprise you. Here we bring you a look at 10 top pocket watches that you should be taking a closer look at if you want to make your mark in time.


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