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Six Sensual Art-Deco Inspired Watches

Six Sensual Art-Deco Inspired Watches

By Roberta Naas The Art Deco era was a heady time of high society events and grandeur that permeated every aspect of life. For the wealthy, it was a time of great acthitecture, great fashions and incredible jewelry and accessories. The Roaring Twenties brought about a new expression that led from the florals of Nouveau to a stunning period of geometrics and elegance. Today, top watch brands emulate that look in art-deco inspired watches that make dramatic statements on the wrist. Here we bring you a look at half a dozen stunning READ MORE

Six Sensational Bird Watches (slideshow)

The Jaquet-Droz Bird Repeater watch features hand painted and sculptured automaton birds that feed their young when the repeater strikes.

By Roberta Naas
There are a host of wonderful trends in luxury watchmaking today, with some focusing on the technical side and others focusing on the aesthetic side. Additionally, there are some that bring these two realms together in artful majesty — offering artistic, technically advanced masterpieces on the wrist. Often those masterpieces emulate nature — flora, READ MORE

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